My new project

I wrote in my 2019 year in review that I worked on too many projects without performing at my peek on any of them.

So in 2020, I started a new project (AntSignals), with the goal to focus all my time and effort on it.

What is AntSignals?

AntSignals is a Trading Journal that helps any trader to improve from day one.

As a trading journal AntSignals helps traders to:

  1. Be consistent, which is very important in trading
  2. Identify trade patterns and mistakes
  3. Manage risk

You can read more on what benefits a trading journal can give you in this blog post: 5 Benefits of using a Trading Journal

Why a trading journal ?

I have been trading a lot in the last two years, and have been using a Spreadsheet Trading Journal myself.

This was ok at first but after I got more data and I wanted to see more insights it was harder and harder to do it in the spreadsheet.

I then decided to write a small trading journal app just for me. But after a few months and 🤯 20 features added to the app, I saw that I like working on this and being related to trading, which I like a lot made me think seriously about taking this to the next level.

And this is how the journey started, pretty 🤩 common “You have a problem, you solve the problem, you try to solve the problem for others….”

Will see what will happen and how this will evolve.

Thank you so much for reading!

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Have a nice day!

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