Who makes JavaScript better?

Did you ever ask yourself who adds all the new features to JavaScript? I did asked myself and found that the answer is Ecma TC39.

TC39 is the committee that handles making JavaScript better and easy to use. Its members are big companies that meet regularly and come up with specifications to evolve JavaScript.

The release process of these new features is called the TC39 process.

TC39 process has five different stages to get a specification live.

  • Stage 0: Strawperson —  a way of submitting ideas for evolving ECMAScript
  • Stage 1: Proposal — a formal proposal for the feature
  • Stage 2: Draft — a first version of what will be in the specification. At this point, an eventual inclusion of the feature in the standard is likely
  • Stage 3: Candidate — the proposal is mostly finished and now needs feedback from implementations and users to progress further
  • Stage 4: Finished —  the proposal is ready to be included in the standard

Next time you want to use a new feature, check the stage before put it in production.

TC39 urges caution when using Stage 2 or below proposals.

By the way, you can see a list of proposals here, one of my favorites is Optional Chaining.

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